Roku Challenge Channels

I love, and have always loved, education. School. Libraries. Focused studies. The self education that comes from research, comparing multiple sources, changing according to new revelation, improving with better information … love it all.

We have not always been given the basic truths. We have been given when people have agreed to tell us, some of them are clearly identified lies, some are partial truths intended to serve a particular myth, and some have been the truth.

The Roku Challenge Channel will be set up to provide themes within particular areas – social, scientific, historic, and other topics that may be suggested by viewers – and readers of this blog. Some may give information you already know, some may challenge what you think to the point of raising your rage.

There is a basic idea I have been taught by good friends in various levels of law enforcement that I think applies to all areas of life:

“Never believe. Never disbelieve. Always investigate.”

Right now I have to begin with my own education – how to set up Roku channels. But since it can be done for free, I think that is in my budget.